Ripped from the life he knew by the threat of civil war in his homeland, Colin and his parents are refugees in New Andover, the newly discovered
continent on the far side of the ocean. But this new world holds dangers that its settlers cannot comprehend.

Forced to flee onto the unexplored plains, driven there by desperation, they encounter vicious magical storms, a hostile race that will stop at nothing to protect their sacred lands, and a dark forest filled with
shadow-like creatures. Attacked by these life-eating Shadows, on the brink of death, Colin is led to the forest's darkest and most dangerous secret:
a Well at the heart of an ancient, crumbling city.

To save his life, he drinks the cold, clear water...and everything changes.


One hundred years have passed since Colin brokered a peace agreement between the human, dwarren, and Alvritshai races. Since then, he has sought ways to defeat the dark spirits called the sukrael and the Wraiths. Colin has gifted each race with a magical Tree to protect them, and stabilized the Wells.

But now the enemy has found the one Well that controls the entire network, and if Colin can’t find the Well and stop the Wraiths from activating it, it could mean the end of all three races...



The Autumn Tree has fallen, the protection it provided the human, dwarren, and Alvritshai races destroyed.

Now the Wraith army is marching to war, laying siege to the human Provinces and harassing the dwarren clans on the plains. Colin has dealt Walter a significant blow, but he has failed to halt the activation of the Source—the one Well that controls all of the others—and he has sustained a grievous wound in the process. As the Wraith armies wreak havoc across Wrath Suvane, Colin realizes there is only one way to stop them: He must return to the Source and give himself completely to the Lifeblood, a taint he has fought since he first drank from the Well lifetimes ago. Only then will he be able to stop Walter and the Wraiths from destroying Wrath Suvane...

All it will require is the sacrifice of his humanity.



All contents are copyright of Joshua Palmatier, 2017.