After Hours: Tales from the Ur-Bar

The first bar, created by the Sumerians after they were given the gift of beer by the gods, was known as the Ur-Bar. Although it has since been destroyed, its spirit lives on—in each age there is one bar that captures the essence of the original Ur-Bar, where drinks are mixed with magic and served with a side of destiny and intrigue.

“An Alewife In Kish” by Benjamin Tate
“Why the Vikings Had No Bars” by S.C. Butler
“The Emperor’s New God” by Jennifer Dunne
“The Tale That Wagged the Dog” by Barbara Ashford
“Sake and Other Spirits” by Maria V. Snyder
“The Fortune-Teller Makes Her Will” by Kari Sperring
“The Tavern Fire” by D.B. Jackson
“Last Call” by Patricia Bray
“The Alchemy of Alcohol” by Seanan McGuire
“The Grand Tour” by Juliet McKenna
“Paris 24” by Laura Anne Gilman
“Steady Hands and a Heart of Oak” by Ian Tregillis
“Forbidden” by Avery Shade
“Where We Are Is Hell” by Jackie Kessler
“Izdu-Bar” by Anton Strout

The Modern Fae's Guide to Surviving Humanity

What if the fae were still here, living among us? Perhaps living in secret, doing their best to pass for human. Or perhaps their existence is acknowledged, but they're still struggling to fit in. How have they survived? Are they outcasts clinging to the edges of society, or do their powers ensure success in the mortal realm? 
Here are fourteen fabulous tales--ranging from humor to dark fantasy--that explore how the creatures of the fae realm are fitting into the modern world.

From a mortal who offers to do internet marketing for a woman bent on reclaiming her baby from the Queen of the a dryad grove menaced by urban a Selkie in need of a new home and career...these are original looks at how the world of the imagination can survive and perhaps even thrive in the everyday mortal lands.

“We Will Not Be Undersold” by Seanan McGuire
“Changeling” by Susan Jett
“Water-Called” by Kari Sperring
“The Roots of Aston Quercus” by Juliet E. McKenna
“To Scratch an Itch” by Avery Shade
“Continuing Education” by Kristine Smith
“How To Be Human™” by Barbara Ashford
“How Much Salt” by April Steenburgh
“Hooked” by Anton Strout
“Crash” by S.C. Butler
“Fixed” by Jean Marie Ward
“A People Who Always Know” by Shannon Page & Jay Lake
“The Slaughtered Lamb” by Elizabeth Bear
“Corrupted” by Jim C. Hines

Clockwork Universe: Steampunk vs. Aliens

When aliens reach Earth, they encounter the clockwork mechanisms and Victorian sensibilities of a full-blown steampunk civilization. Inspired by the classic science fiction adventure tales of the nineteenth century, leading fantasy and science fiction authors bring us tales of first contact with a twist, as steam power meets laser cannons...and dirigibles face off against flying saucers.

Clockwork Universe contains fourteen stories from some of the genre's top authors, including: Ian Tregillis, Leah Cutter, Bradley P. Beaulieu, J.R. Hargenrader, Gini Koch, Jason Palmatier, C.B. Pratt, Jean Marie Ward, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin, David J. Fortier, Brad Hafford, S.C. Butler, and Seanan McGuire.

"The Cavorite Job" by Ian Tregillis
"Gracie's Fire" by Leah Cutter
"Quinta Essentia" by Bradley P. Beaulieu
"When Comrade Ekaterina Died for the Motherland" by J.R. Hargenrader
"A Clockwork Alien" by Gini Koch
"Heart of the Empire" by Jason Palmatier
"The Red Queen and the White" by C.B. Pratt
"The Wizard of Woodrow Park" by Jean Marie Ward
"Of Wings and War" by Tansy Rayner Roberts
"Airship Down: A Sound and Fury Adventure"
by Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin
"Steamsuit" by David J. Fortier
"Fingers of Steam, Veins of Gold" by Brad Hafford
"Heart of Clockwork" by S.C. Butler
"Lady Antheia's Guide to Horticultural Warfare" by Seanan McGuire

Temporally Out of Order

It’s frustrating when a gadget stops working. But what if the gadget is working fine, it’s just “temporally” out of order? What would you do if you discovered your cell phone linked you to a different time? Or that your camera took pictures of the past?

In this collection, seventeen leading science fiction authors share their take on what happens when gadgets run temporally amok. From past to future, humor to horror, there’s something for everyone.

Join Seanan McGuire, Elektra Hammond, David B. Coe, Chuck Rothman, Faith Hunter, Edmund R. Schubert, Steve Ruskin, Sofie Bird, Laura Resnick, Amy Griswold, Laura Anne Gilman, Susan Jett, Gini Koch, Christopher Barili, Stephen Leigh, Juliet E. McKenna, and Jeremy Sim as they investigate how ordinary objects behaving temporally out of order can change our everyday lives.

“Reading Lists” by Seanan McGuire
“Salamandar Bites” by Elektra Hammond
“Black and White” by David B. Coe
“Dinosaur Stew” by Chuck Rothman
“Not All Is As It Seems” by Faith Hunter
“Batting Out of Order” by Edmund R. Schubert
“Grand Tour” by Steve Ruskin
“A is for Alacrity, Astronauts, and Grief” by Sofie Bird
“The Spiel of the Glocken” by Laura Resnick
“The Passing Bell” by Amy Griswold
“Destination Ahead” by Laura Anne Gilman
“Where There’s Smoke” by Susan Jett
“Alien Time Warp” by Gini Koch
“Cell Service” by Christopher Barili
“Temporally Full” by Stephen Leigh
“Notes and Queries” by Juliet E. McKenna
“Temporally Out of Odor: A Fragrant Fable” by Jeremy Sim

Alien Artifacts

What might we run into as we expand beyond Earth and into the stars? As we explore our own solar system and beyond, it seems inevitable that we’ll run into aliens…and what they’ve left behind. Alien artifacts: what might they reveal about us as we try to unlock their secrets? What might they reveal about the universe?

In this anthology, nineteen of today’s leading science fiction and fantasy authors explore how discovering long lost relics of alien civilizations might change humanity. Join Walter H. Hunt, Julie Novakova, David Farland, Angela Penrose, S.C. Butler, Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin, Juliet E. McKenna, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Andrija Popovic, Jacey Bedford, Sofie Bird, James Van Pelt, Gini Koch, Anthony Lowe, Jennifer Dunne, Coral Moore, Daniel J. Davis, C.S. Friedman, and Seanan McGuire as they discover the stars and the secrets they may hold—both dark and deadly and awe-inspiring.

“Radio Silence” by Walter H. Hunt
“The Nightside” by Julie Novakova
“The Familiar” by Dave Farland
“Me and Alice” by Angela Penrose
“The Other Side” by S.C. Butler
“The Hunt” by Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin
“The Sphere” by Juliet E. McKenna
“Shame the Devil” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
“The Captain’s Throne” by Andrija Popovic
“Weird is the New Normal” by Jacey Bedford
“And We Have No Words to Tell You” by Sofie Bird
“Titan Descanso” by James Van Pelt
“Alien Epilogue” by Gini Koch
“The Haint of Sweetwater River” by Anthony Lowe
“Music of the Stars” by Jennifer Dunne
“The Night You Were a Comet” by Coral Moore
“The God Emperor of Lassie Point” by Daniel J. Davis
“Pandora” by C.S. Friedman
“Round and Round We Ride the Carousel of Time” by Seanan McGuire


Werewolves rule the night in urban fantasy, but everyone knows there are other were-creatures out there just as dangerous and deadly, if not as common, each with their own issues as they struggle to fit into—or prey upon—society. What about the were-goats? The were-crows and were-wasps?

Here are seventeen stories of urban fantasy by today’s leading science fiction and fantasy authors that introduce you to some of those other were-creatures, the ones hiding in the dark background shadows, waiting to bite. Join Seanan McGuire, Ashley McConnell, Susan Jett, Eliora Smith, David B. Coe, April Steenburgh, Gini Koch, Mike Barretta, Elizabeth Kite, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Jean Marie Ward, Katharine Kerr, Sarah Brand, Anneliese Belmond, Faith Hunter, Patricia Bray, and Phyllis Ames as they take you into the hidden corners of our world to see some lesser known were-creatures. You may want to bring along some silver...just in case.

“Best In Show” by Seanan McGuire
“We Dig” by Ashley McConnell
“Eyes Like Pearls” by Susan Jett
“Among the Grapevines, Growing” by Eliora Smith
“A Party For Bailey” by David B. Coe
“Cry Murder” by April Steenburgh
“Missy the Were-Pomeranian vs the Masters of Mediocre Doom” by Gini Koch
“Paper Wasp” by Mike Barretta
“Point Five” by Elizabeth Kite
“The Promise of Death” by Danielle Ackley-McPhail
“The Five Bean Solution” by Jean Marie Ward
“Witness Report” by Katharine Kerr
“Attack of the Were-Zombie Friendship With Benefits” by Sarah Brand
“The Whale” by Anneliese Belmond
“Anzu, Duba, Beast” by Faith Hunter
“Shiftr” by Patricia Bray
“Sniff For Your Life” by Phyllis Ames

All Hail Our Robot Conquerors!


The robots of the 50s and 60s science fiction movies and novels captured our hearts and our imaginations. Their clunky, bulbous bodies with their clear domed heads, whirling antennae, and randomly flashing lights staggered ponderously across the screen and page and into our souls—whether as a constant companion or as the invading army threatening to exterminate our world. We can never return to that innocent time, where the robot overlords could be identified by their burning red eyes or our trusty robot sidekick would warn us instantly of danger—

Or can we?

With a touch of nostalgia and a little tongue-in-cheek humor, here are fifteen stories from today’s leading science fiction and fantasy authors that take us back to the time of evil robot overlords, invading armies, and not-quite-trustworthy mechanical companions. Join Julie E. Czerneda, Brandon Daubs, Tanya Huff, Brian Trent, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Jason Palmatier, Jez Patterson, Gini Koch, Lauren Fox, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Philip Brian Hall, Rosemary Edghill, R. Overwater, Helen French, and Seanan McGuire as we step into the future with a nod to the past. Hold on to those stun guns. You may need them!

"Road Rage" by Julie E. Czerneda
"A Vague Inclination to Please" by Brandon Daubs
"Oh, the Humanity" by Tanya Huff
"Director X and the Thrilling Wonders of Outer Space" by Brian Trent
"Gold and Glory" by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
"Zorlar the Terrible" by Jason Palmatier
"Box, Set" by Jez Patterson
"A Kitty-Bot’s Tale" by Gini Koch
"Rosie Cleans House" by Lauren Fox
"The Dawn’s Early Light" by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
"Iron Hail" by Philip Brian Hall
"Schematic Diagram of a Murder-Bot" by R. Overwater
"Pensacola Wagner and the Robot Invasion" by Rosemary Edghill
"The Headspace Database" by Helen French
"Heroes Never Die" by Seanan McGuire


Everyone has their eyes set on the black depths of space…but what about the deep abysses of the ocean? What dark monsters swim unseen beneath the waves? What ancient wonders lie hidden, waiting to be discovered? What sirens call, either here on Earth or in the icy waters of a far off planet…or even at the bottom of a wine glass? So much remains to be explored below the surface, where light fades and the pressure kills.

Here are seventeen stories from today’s leading science fiction and fantasy authors that take us into those depths, whether we want to or not. Join Seanan McGuire, Michael Robertson, Esther Friesner, F. Brett Cox, Wendy Nikel, Marsheila Rockwell & Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Jody Lynn Nye,
Bill Kte’pi, Jenna Rhodes, Susan Jett, James Van Pelt, J.C. Koch, Misty Massey, A. Merc Rustad, David Farland, Sara M. Harvey, and Nicky Drayden as they explore unfathomable trenches, underwater volcanoes, and abyssal plains. Take the plunge…into the Deep End!

"Rust in Peace" by Seanan McGuire
"Another Dream to Europa" by Michael Robertson
"Go With the Flow" by Esther Friesner
"The Deep End" by F. Brett Cox
"Through Milkweed and Gloom" by Wendy Nikel
"Son of Blob" by Marsheila Rockwell & Jeffrey J. Mariotte
"Under Pressure" by Jody Lynn Nye
"The Last of the Real Good Days" by Bill Kte’pi
"The Windlost" by Jenna Rhodes
"Tamatori" by Susan Jett
"High Sulfur Hot Springs and Camping Park" by James Van Pelt
"The City Under the Sea" by J.C. Koch
“Pen’s Bracer” by Misty Massey
"Fathoms Deep and Fathoms Cold" by A. Merc Rustad
"River of Stars" by David Farland
"The Byssus Woman" by Sara M. Harvey
"The Seven Nights of Squidmas" by Nicky Drayden

The Razor's Edge

One man’s insurgent is another man’s freedom fighter…

From The Moon is a Harsh Mistress to The Hunger Games, everyone enjoys a good rebellion. There is something compelling about a group (or individual) who throws caution to the wind and rises up in armed defiance against oppression, tyranny, religion, the government—you name it. No matter the cause, or how small the chance, it’s the courage to fight against overwhelming odds that grabs our hearts and has us pumping our fists in the air.

Win or lose, it’s the righteous struggle we cherish, and those who take up arms for a cause must walk The Razor’s Edge between liberator and extremist. With stories by Blake Jessop, William C. Dietz, D.B. Jackson, Gerald Brandt, Sharon P. Goza, Walter H. Hunt, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Kay Kenyon, Steve Perry, Seanan McGuire, Christopher Allenby, Chris Kennedy, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Alex Gideon, Brian Hugenbruch, and Y.M. Pang.

"Halo of Storms" by Blake Jessop
"The Battle at Rainbow's End" by William C. Dietz
"The Woman In Green" by D.B. Jackson
"Miller's Choice" by Gerald Brandt
"Neural Net" by Sharon Goza
"Eleven Days" by Walter H. Hunt
"Revolutionists" by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
"The Gunslinger" by Kay Kenyon
"Contender" by Steve Perry
"Rise Up, Rise Up, You Children of the Moon" by Seanan McGuire
"The Parallactic Soldier" by Christopher Allenby
"Freedom!" by Chris Kennedy
"The Liberator" by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
"The Weapon They Fear" by Alex Gideon
"An Acceptable Risk to the Portfolio" by Brian Hugenbruch
"Final Flight of the PhoenixWing" by Y.M. Pang

Guilds & Glaives

Stop right there!

If you like your fantasy filled with fellowships and noble quests, this anthology is not for you. And if you love lengthy tales of politics and power, then it won’t be to your taste either. But if you like a little intimacy with your evil, and your vengeance short and sweet, with perhaps a pinch of silliness in the witchcraft, then these fourteen delicious sweetmeats of sword and sorcery will prove right up your alley. And it will be a dank, twisting, fetid alley, too.

In this book you will find no high elves (only low), no politics (unless assassination is involved), and certainly no nobility. Join Lawrence Harding, Howard Andrew Jones, Esther Friesner, Jenna Rhodes, Gini Koch, Violette Malan, Leah Webber, David Farland, R.K. Nickel, Ashley McConnell, D.B. Jackson, James Enge, Jason Palmatier, and Amelia Sirina as they explore the perilous streets and clashing blades found in GUILDS & GLAIVES.

"In the Asp's Nest" by Lawrence Harding
"The Sword and the Djinn" by Howard Andrew Jones
"Honors Among Thieves" by Esther Friesner
"Rainbow Dark" by Jenna Rhodes
"The Three Assassins of Lord Slaughter" by Gini Koch (writing as Anita Ensal)
"Footprints of the Hound" by Violette Malan
"The Witch That Wasn't" by Leah Webber
"Oathbreaker" by David Farland
"Blood and Onyx" by R.K. Nickel
"The Charter" by Ashley McConnell
"Guild of the Ancients" by D.B. Jackson
"The Cage at the End of the World" by James Enge
"Assassinsssss" by Jason Palmatier
"Those Who Look Back" by Amelia Sirina

Second Round: A Return to the Ur-Bar

For thousands of years the immortal Gilgamesh has presided over the legendary Ur-Bar, witnessing history unfold from within its walls. Some days it is a rural tavern, others a fashionable wine shop. It may appear as a hidden speakeasy or take on the form of your neighborhood local. For most patrons it is simply a place to quench their thirst, but for a rare few the Ur-Bar is where they will meet their destiny.

Join R.K. Nickel, Rachel Atwood, Kari Sperring, Jean Marie Ward, Gini Koch, Jacey Bedford, William Leisner, Garth Nix, Diana Pharaoh Francis, David Keener, Mike Marcus, Kristine Smith, Aaron M. Roth, and Juliet E. McKenna as they recount all new tales from the Ur-Bar. From humor to horror, from the Roman Empire to Martian Colonies, there’s something to please everyone. Just remember to beware when the mysterious bartender offers you the house special …

"Honorbound" by R.K. Nickel
"Forest Law, Wild and True" by Irene Radford
"The Wizard King" by Kari Sperring
"A Favor for Lord Bai" by Jean Marie Ward
"A Lawman, an Outlaw, and a Gambler Walk Into a Bar..." by Gini Koch (writing as A.E. Stanton)
"Make Me Immortal With a Kiss" by Jacey Bedford
"Bound By Mortal Chains No More" by William Leisner
"Welcome to the Jungle Bar" by Garth Nix
"But If You Try Sometimes" by Diana Pharaoh Francis
"The Whispering Voice" by David Keener
"Ale for Humanity" by Mike Marcus
"West Side Ghost Story" by Kristine Smith
"Thievery Bar None" by Aaron M. Roth
"Wanderlust" by Juliet E. McKenna

Temporally Deactivated

What does it mean to be “temporally deactivated?”

Experience a historical moment through the intervention of a time travel agency. Be trapped inside a time bubble—willingly—so that you can save the universe from Darkness over and over again. Step outside of time at the order of your queen in order to stop a traitor…or to keep an assassin from destroying the future. Or travel forward into the future in order to kill off timelines to save your son…or backwards to halt an accident to save your relationship.

Join fantasy and science fiction authors Ken Altabef, Alex Gideon, Stephen Leigh, D.B. Jackson, Faith Hunter, C.S. Friedman, Emily Randall, Gini Koch, Misty Massey, Rhondi Salsitz, Edmund R. Schubert, R.K. Nickel, Marie DesJardin, and Christine Lucas as they defy time and warp space in order to define what it means to be “temporally deactivated.” So get ready and hold on tight.

It’s time to step outside of time.

"Keeper of the Light" by Ken Altabef
"The Eyes of Odin" by Alex Gideon
"All the Time in the World" by Stephen Leigh
"The Other Walker" by D.B. Jackson
"My Dark Knight" by Faith Hunter
"Eye of the Needle" by C.S. Friedman
"Tempus Erratum" by Emily Randall
"Missy the Were-Pomeranian vs. the Lord of Time" by Gini Koch
"The Mirror Trap" by Misty Massey
"Love and the Improper Unicorn" by Rhondi Salsitz
"Schroedinger's Fractal" by Edmund R. Schubert
"Clockwork Corsair" by R.K. Nickel
"Compassionate Retry" by Marie DesJardin
"Neurons Lost and Found" by Christine Lucas

Alternate Peace

Alternate histories. Alternate realities.

It’s said that every choice creates multiple timelines, each one exploring what could have happened if a different decision had been made. Most of these alternate histories stem from different outcomes to a pivotal battle, or to an assassination attempt, or to the ending or escalation of a war. All violent, all bloody, all brutal. But what about those choices made during peacetime, when there was no monumental, ongoing conflict? After all, everyone knows how significant the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can be, how far-reaching its effects can be felt.

In these pages you will find fifteen new branches of history written by some of today’s greatest science fiction and fantasy writers, including Elektra Hammond, Dale Cozort, Harry Turtledove, C.W. Briar, Rick Wilber, Juliet E. McKenna, Michael Robertson, Kat Otis, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Brian Hugenbruch, Stephen Leigh, Elizabeth Kite, Ian R. MacLeod, Mike Barretta, and Kari Sperring, all stemming from a peaceful divergence in our past. Join them as they wander down familiar paths…

…and then swerve down roads not taken.

"O-Rings" by Elektra Hammond
"A Dad Ought to Have Nightmares" by Dale Cozort
"Election Day" by Harry Turtledove
"A Fine Line, Indeed" by C.W. Briar
"Donny Boy" by Rick Wilber
"Echoes of a Shot" by Juliet E. McKenna
"What Makes a Better World" by Michael Robertson
"Field of Cloth of Gold and Blood, Sweat and Tears" by Kat Otis
"Politicians, Lost Causers, and Abigail Lockwood" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
"Or, the Modern Psyche" by Brian Hugenbruch
"Easter Rising" by Stephen Leigh
"Sisters of the Hallowed Marsh" by Elizabeth Kite
"Selkie" by Ian R. MacLeod
"New Moon, Dark Skies" by Mark Barretta
"His Master's Voice" by Kari Sperring


Who doesn’t love a good apocalyptic story? They come in all kinds, from the nightmare terrors of superflus and zombie invasions to quieter, more reflective tales of loss and survival. Stories that feature people struggling through the end of the world or fighting to survive in what little bits of civilization still remain are always compelling. What better way for readers to safely explore the extremes of the human condition without actually having to fight off the ravening hordes themselves?

APOCALYPTIC features stories from fourteen old and new favorite authors: Seanan McGuire, Aimee Picchi, Tanya Huff, Nancy Holzner, Stephen Blackmoore, Zakariah Johnson, Violette Malan, Eleftherios Keramidas, James Enge, Leah Ning, Thomas Vaughn, Marjorie King, Jason Palmatier, and Blake Jessop. Flee the Baboon King, die of thirst in the White Mountains, brew up a bubbling blob of nanotech road kill in the back of a garbage truck, or, worst of all, try to reintegrate yourself back into society as a former zombie. Then ask yourself, would you survive the Apocalypse? Would you even want to?

"Coafield's Catalog of Available Apocalypse Events" by Seanan McGuire
"Solo Cooking for the Recently Revived" by Aimee Picchi
"To Dust We Shall Return" by Tanya Huff
"End of Eternity" by Nancy Holzner
"Little Armageddons" by Stephen Blackmoore
"Almost Like Snow" by Zakariah Johnson
"Shadows Behind" by Violette Malan
"A Tale of Two Apocalypses" by Eleftherios Keramidas
"Zodiac Chorus" by James Enge
"Last Letters" by Leah Ning
"Gut Truck" by Thomas Vaughn
"Sass and Sacrifice" by Marjorie King
"The Ballad of Rory McDaniels" by Jason Palmatier
"Trust Fall" by Blake Jessop

Galactic Stew

Join us for a feast!

Step into a roadside diner run by witches. Attend a banquet with aliens who are as crass as they are brutal. Eat oysters on the half shell with a pair of conjurers, or scratch out a meal with warring pilots marooned on a desolate planet. Pity the ghost who must cook her way to freedom, and mourn with the warrior who seeks a final delicacy for his lost love. Search the far reaches of space for sustenance or descend into a hellscape of culinary horrors.

In this volume, food is the star! Fantasy and science fiction authors Paige L. Christie, Diana A. Hart, A.L. Tompkins, Esther Friesner, Derrick Boden, Andy Duncan, Chaz Brenchley, Howard Andrew Jones, Mike Jack Stoumbos, R.S. Belcher, Mia Moss, Gini Koch, D.B. Jackson, Jason Palmatier, and Gabriela Santiago have prepared a GALACTIC STEW that will entice and tantalize, nourish the imagination, and sate the most ravenous of literary appetites.

But beware! These dishes are not what they seem…

"Blue" by Paige L. Christie
"My Brother's Leaves" by Diana A. Hart
"Snow and Apples" by A.L. Tompkins
"Sense and Sensitivity" by Esther Friesner
"The Silence That Consumes Us" by Derrick Boden
"The All Go Hungry Hash House" by Andy Duncan
"Pickled Roots and Peeled Shoots and a Bowl of Farflower Tea" by Chaz Brenchley
"Course of Blood" by Howard Andrew Jones
"A Real Llywelyn Scone" by Mike Jack Stoumbos
"Tender" by R.S. Belcher
"That Final Touch of Salt" by Mia Moss
"Alien Capers" by Gini Koch
"Magick on the Half Shell" by D.B. Jackson
"Apocalypse Chow" by Jason Palmatier
"Six Sandwiches to Place Inside a Pentagram to Summon Me to Your Presence" by Gabriela Santiago

My Battery Is Low and It Is Getting Dark

A military attack drone turned shepherd. A train on the London Underground evolving into something new and wondrous. A troupe of robotic actors struggling to find meaning when the audience has disappeared. Explore the myriad ideas of what happens when out-of-date and abandoned technologies are given a second life—one that takes them in a new direction, far outside their intended programming and beyond their original purpose.

MY BATTERY IS LOW AND IT IS GETTING DARK features fourteen stories of quiet hope, heartbreak, creation, and death from fantasy and science fiction authors Dana Berube, Merc Fenn Wolfmoor, Jacey Bedford, Anthony Lowe, Chris Kocher, Brian Hugenbruch, William Leisner, José Pablo Iriarte, Alethea Kontis, Kari Sperring, Edward Willett, John G. Hartness, Alexander Gideon, and Stephen Leigh. You may never look at your smart speaker the same way again.

"Ganbold and the Best Drone in Mongolia" by Dana Berube
"This Cold Red Dust" by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor
"Traveling Hopefully" by Jacey Bedford
"Ain't Done Haunting" by Anthony Lowe
"The Circle" by Chris Kocher
"Foster-Child of Silence and Slow Time" by Brian Hugenbruch
"We Choose To Do These Things" by William Leisner
"Brewing Insurrection" by Jose Pablo Iriarte
"Sassi's Last Ride" by Alethea Kontis
"The Ghosts of Versailles" by Kari Sperring
"Beneath the Pall" by Edward Willett
"Sanctuary" by John G. Hartness
"Terra 3:56" by Alexander Gideon
"One Had a Lovely Face" by Stephen Leigh


DERELICT: A ship lost with all hands on icy Titan. A dying woman’s soul linked with the fate of an interstellar vessel. A wrecked ferry possessed by the ruin-demon who grounded her. A haunted space cruiser of legend again terrorizing those who travel among the stars. A pirate-ravaged frigate concealing magical secrets that can doom the wicked, or redeem the worthy. An inexplicably empty cruiser arriving at a space station amid the panic of a system-wide pandemic.

There is an allure to the ghost ship, the once-proud voyaging craft now abandoned to the void of space or the depths of the sea. In Derelict, speculative fiction authors Kristine Smith, D.B. Jackson, Griffin Ayaz Tyree, Andrija Popovic, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Gerald Brandt, Kit Harding, Gini Koch, Jacey Bedford, Mark D. Jacobsen, Jana Paniccia, Alex Bledsoe, Chaz Brenchley, R.Z. Held, Jack Campbell, and Julie E. Czerneda offer their tales of the lost vessel. So climb aboard if you dare, and prepare for a reading adventure that will unnerve and inspire and transport you beyond distant horizons.

"Symbiote" by Kristine Smith
"The Wreck of the Sarah Mohr" by D.B. Jackson
"The Tempest in Space" by Griffin Ayaz Tyree
"Playing Possum" by Andrija Popovic
"Standing Orders" by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
"Time, Yet" by Gerald Brandtn
"Flight Plans Through the Dust of Dreams" by Kit Harding
"Saving Sally Ruth" by Gini Koch writing as Anita Ensal
"Methuselah" by Jacey Bedford
"Celestial Object 143205" by Mark D. Jacobsen
"Mercy for the Lost" by Jana Pannicia
"When the Star Fell and the Levee Broke" by Alex Bledsoe
"Derelict of Duty" by Chaz Brenchley
"Two Ruins Make a Beginning" by R.Z. Held
"Orpheus" by Jack Campbell
"Decay in Five Stages" by Julie E. Czerneda

The Modern Deity's Guide to Surviving Humanity

The old gods are still with us.

The world is constantly changing, evolving, growing. In order to stay relevant, deities must change with the times as well. In this anthology, fifteen science fiction and fantasy authors tackle how gods and goddesses have adapted to the surge in technology and the mercurial beliefs of humanity. So sit back and watch Hera try her hand at marriage counseling, while Macuilxochitl conquers the world of online gaming. Buy a ticket to Anubis’ magic act or roam the back tents at the local carnival and catch Doc Saturday’s medicine show. Take a sip of wine at Dionysus’ winery or grab some potato pancakes at Baba Yaga’s café. Whatever your taste, here you will find interesting twists on how deities have found their way in our modern world from Crystal Sarakas, Juliet E. McKenna, Tanya Huff, Edward Willett, Daniel Roman, Jennifer Dunne, Jean Marie Ward, Mike Marcus, A.L. Tompkins, Daryl Marcus, Alma Alexander, Kari Sperring, A.J. Cunder, Irene Radford, and N.R. Lambert.

And remember to beware. You never know who…or what…you will meet next.


“The Weight of a Feather” by Crystal Sarakas
“Old Gods, New Tricks” by Juliet E. McKenna
“Your Three O'Clock Is Here” by Tanya Huff
“Casey's” by Edward Willett
“The Teotl of Gaming” by Daniel Roman
“The House of LIfe” by Jennifer Dunne
“Fire Sale” by Jean Marie Ward
“Doc Saturday's Midnight Medicine Show” by Mike Marcus
“Grandmother” by A.L. Tompkins
“Age Is Just a Number” by Daryl Marcus
“The One About Gone to Flowers” by Alma Alexander
“Oak, Broom and Meadowsweet” by Kari Sperring
“Surviving Time” by A.J. Cunder
“Till Death Do Us Part” by Irene Radford
"Charon Taxi & Limo Corp." by N.R. Lambert

When Worlds Collide

What could possibly happen when two cultures meet for the first time?


WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE presents fourteen original stories where two different societies intersect and deal with the aftermath of that meeting. Will the conflicting cultures merge and adapt and find peace? Or will they clash, unable to either accept their differences or acknowledge their commonalities? Who will survive when the last of the Fae battles a world-killing AI? What happens when a being who is part of a vast collective-consciousness is forced to face their own individuality? Can a werewolf ever break free of the unholy pact its fae creator has made with humanity? Will Earth really manage to commit the biggest and most egregious faux pas in history when it’s on the cusp of joining the Galactic Union? And why is it that two very different kinds of elves are angrily facing off at a simple dinner party?

Whether your taste runs to humor, horror, science fiction, or fantasy, the stories collected in this latest anthology from Zombies Need Brains and written by some of today’s hottest SF&F authors will delight, thrill, and terrify you. Join Christopher Leapock, Howard Andrew Jones, Gary Kloster, Louis Evans, Peter S. Drang, Esther Friesner, S.C. Butler, Nancy Holzner, Auston Habershaw, Violette Malan, Stephen Leigh, Alan Smale, Steven Harper, and Jordan Chase-Young as they delve into what may happen…WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE.

“The Erratics” by Christopher Leapock
“Brother of the Sword” by Howard Andrew Jones
“Walls of Teeth and Iron” by Gary Kloster
“Faux Pas” by Louis Evans
“The Darithian Life Cycle” by Peter S. Drang
“Seelie With a Kiss” by Esther Friesner
“What and Why” by S.C. Butler
“Melusina” by Nancy Holzner
“The Malevolent Liberation of Pret” by Auston Habershaw
“The Mercenary Code” by Violette Malan
“Deep Heart Inside” by Stephen Leigh
“The Dogs of Babylon” by Alan Smale
“Eight Mile and the City” by Steven Harper
“How the Fae of Savernake Forest Fought the AI Who Ate the World” by Jordan Chase-Young

Brave New Worlds

What happens when a computer glitch sends eighty-nine copies of the same scientist (and no one else) to settle a new planet? Or a privateer gets stranded on a slow ship he tried to hijack that’s still years away from its destination and has no food?

BRAVE NEW WORLDS presents fifteen original stories that follow humanity’s long dream of traveling to the stars, from heart-wrenching departures from Earth, through the unknown dangers of the long flight through the cold vastness of space, to the immigrants’ final arrival on an alien world. Perhaps your father has signed you up for life on a gen ship before you’ve even graduated high school. Or maybe you’ve arrived at a gloriously green new planet…only to have it shoot you out of the sky when you try to land. Or worse yet, your attempts to terraform your new home have all failed. What do you do then?

Join Jamie Boyd, Gini Koch, Mike Jack Stoumbos, Stephen Leigh, A.M. Giddings, Auston Habershaw, Sarah Lyn Eaton, Ian Tregillis, Jack Nicholls, Willa Blythe, Chaz Brenchley, Ari Officer, Eric Choi, Jacey Bedford, and Juliet Kemp in the latest anthology from Zombies Need Brains, BRAVE NEW WORLDS, as they explore the infinite challenges of humanity’s race to the stars!

“On Sacrifice” by Jamie M. Boyd
“Little Big Planet” by Gini Koch writing as Anita Ensal
“Dead of Night” by Mike Jack Stoumbos
“Choclate, With Sprinkles” by Stephen Leigh
“Moving Day” by A.M. Giddings
“Like Manna From Heaven Dark” by Auston Habershaw
“Spinoza's Garden” by Sarah Lyn Eaton
“The Long, Long Fall of Josiah Eddy” by Ian Tregillis
“Transub-Stan-Tiation” by Jack Nicholls
“Victoria” by Willa Blythe
“Soon May the Weatherman Come” by Chaz Brenchley
“Speculation” by Ari Officer
“A New Brave World” by Eric Choi
“Plenty” by Jacey Bedford
"Wanting Better" by Juliet Kemp

All contents are copyright of Joshua Palmatier, 2017.