Frequently Asked Questions

Book Related:

When does the next book in the series, BREATH OF HEAVEN, come out?
      The first draft of the third book in this series is currently finished, but needs to go through a couple of revisions phases yet. I do not have a release date for the book yet.

How many books are in this series anyway?
     There are officially only three books in the current series—WELL OF SORROWS, LEAVES OF FLAME, and BREATH OF HEAVEN. I do not expect the series to continue beyond the current projected plan, and I do not expect the second or third books to “expand” and become overly large, warranting a “fourth” or “fifth” book in the trilogy.

Can I get signed copies of your books?
     Signed copies of my books are available for purchase directly from me. Send me an email at and we can work out the details. The other option is to catch me at a convention or signing. Check out the “Appearances” page to see where I’ll be in the near future!


Writing Related:

I’m a writer, too! Will you read and critique my novel?
     While I would love to read and critique aspiring writers’ novels, if I agreed to do this for everyone I would never have enough time to write my own novels. So unfortunately the answer is no. There are plenty of places online where other aspiring writers trade critiques of chapters and novels and short stories though, so I’d suggest you try one of these communities to see if it works for you. They don’t work for everyone. I used the Science Fiction and Fantasy Online Writing Workshop ( to test run some of my earlier works and I found the community useful.

I’d like to write a fanfiction story based on your world! Can I? And would you like to read it?

     I’m certainly flattered that you enjoyed the novel and characters enough that you want to continue their stories in some fashion, but unfortunately I have to say no to both questions. Fanfiction is fun and can be interesting . . . but it opens up too many legal questions and pitfalls. While most writers are generally honest and forthright, there’s always one bad apple, and unfortunately one is all it takes. So I, on the advice of my publisher and to protect myself, must officially discourage fanfiction set in my world.

Who is your agent?

     I am happy to say that my agent is Joshua Bilmes at the JABberwocky Literary Agency. If you have any proposals for projects or invitations to short story anthologies, please feel free to contact Joshua through the contacts page on his website.  He will pass those proposals or invitations on to me.

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